Who Is Saucy Lady?

Known to her peers as the "Beantown Disco Queen", Saucy Lady is a Boston-based vocalist, song writer, and DJ with a diverse musical range. Her character exudes an attitude of confidence and sensuality that naturally echoes into her music.  Saucy Lady brings back the eclectic, outrageous fashion and cultural diversity that composed the nightclub scenes in the 70s and 80s. She represents the freedom of self-expression and experimentation witnessed in the disco era.  Just as significant, she adds in an element of humor into her stage presentation that is often missing in our ego-driven "diva" trend in female soloists.

Saucy Lady has collaborated with numerous artists around the globe including K-Maxx, E-Live, Throwback ZackSoul Clap, Inkswel, Rahaan, T-Groove,  First TouchLord Funk, Adam Chini, Yam Who?, UnoMas, Ourra, and Kan Sano, to name a few.  She has received accolades from globally recognized DJs, producers and artists ranging from Patrice Rushen, DJ Spinna, Kenny Dope, Numark, Qbert, Ali Shaheed, Prince Paul, Dam Funk, to Andre Harrell for her works.  Her debut album "Diversify" that released in 2011 fully produced by the Japan-native multi-instrumentalist Yuki "monolog" Kanesaka brought her center stage into the modern funk game.  "Touch It", one of the dance tracks off the album was remixed by Chicago's renowned DJ/Producer Rahaan and released by Dopeness Galore on 12" vinyl the following year. Distributed by Rush Hour, this release exposed her globally into the dance club scene. Due to increased demand, the album "Diversify" was re-released in 2014 on Monophonic of Kadokawa in Japan as a major label release with added new bonus tracks. Bonus tracks feature raw and intricate new remixes by celebrated producers J-Zone, Slakah the Beatchild and Rahaan. 

In 2015, the Chicago label Star Creature Universal Vibrations took notice of the disco diva and released on 7" vinyl an original House tune "On the Floor" with the flip side being a boogie-disco remake of the Beatles classic, "Help!".  The release was quickly sold out and made #1 best seller for Funk genre on Bandcamp. Star Creature released 3 additional 7" records featuring Saucy Lady in 2016. The releases includes remixes by T-Groove of her and Yuki Kanesaka's original tracks "I'm Ready" and "Sugar High" that have sold out within first month of release.  Reissues are now available but industry tip is not to sleep on any of Star Creature releases!

In 2016, Street Muzik, a label owned and operated by Chicago's DJ/Producer Rahaan released "Emotions".  This original track produced by Yuki Kanesaka features Rahaan's own extended mix and instrumental on 12" vinyl.


With numerous releases digitally, a few to note is her collaborative work with Yam Who? of Midnight Riot and ISM Records on "Magic Dust" and a cheeky remake of "Nasty Girl" by UnoMas. In fact, Star Creature caught the "Magic Dust" and plans to sprinkle the universe with a 7" physical release in Spring of 2018.  E. Live also did a remix on the track, and another recent collaboration with E-Live who composed a remix of her original track "Together" was released on 12" vinyl in 2017 via Boogie Cafe Records.  


Off Soul Clap Records "Dancing On the Charles Vol. 4" compilation album released in May 2017, you will find Saucy Lady and U-KEY (Yuki Kanesaka)'s most recent collaborative original work "For What?", featuring a funk house vibe sampling the sounds of the city of Boston. Next release of Soul Clap's compilation includes Saucy Lady & U-KEY's new original track plans to be released in May, 2018. 


As if that is not enough, Saucy Lady has been establishing her own music label, Audio Chemists Recordings .  The label released the debut EP of "Alternate Universe" by the Boston based live band, Princess Problems. Saucy's own Honey Sauce Band was also released with remixes of "Boy Toy" by Yuki Kanesaka, E-Live,  and Ourra, featuring solos by Sven Attleton and Kan Sano.  The most recent release off her own label is the 7" vinyl featuring remakes of classic Japanese throwback tunes by Tatsuro Yamashita and the late Enka pop sensation Misora Hibari.  The covers "Amaku Kiken Na Kaori" and "Makka Na Taiyo" are sung in Japanese, her native language and feature the grandson of the original composer, guitarist Yuma Hara

Saucy Lady is currently working on her new space-concept full-length album, targeting release in Spring 2019.  In the meantime, the much-anticipated release of her Japanese boogie covers on 12" vinyl is planned for Spring 2018 via Cultures of Soul.  So look out for that!


アメリカボストンを拠点とする日米ハーフの女性 DJ/ビートメイカー/シンガーソングライター 。

神奈川県鎌倉市出身で幼い頃からクラシックピアノや声楽を学び、 レコードコレクターでもあるアメリカ人の父から、Jazz、Soul, Funk, Disco, Bossa Nova, Hip Hop, Afro Beatなど幅広い音楽性を幼少期より吸収して育つ。 

大学時代ではアメリカで音楽を専攻しながらラジオDJやニューヨークのメジャー音楽レーベルJive Records でのスタッフとしての経験を積み、 


2011年10月4日に自ら築き上げたレーベルAudio Chemists Recordings からシンガーとしてのデビューアルバム『Diversify』をリリース。 

J-Zone,Prince Paul, Kenny Dope, Ron Trent, Rich Medina, DJ Spinna、Andre Harrellなど、多くの人気DJ/Producerから高く評価を得た後本人達とコラボレーションを続け、 On the Floor/Help 、Sugar High /I’m ready T-Groove Remix,  Boy Toy/Mirror Life Honey Sauce Band 等の数々のsold outとスマッシュヒットを記録。 

近年ではクラブDJとしての評価も高く、Dam Funk, Soul Clap , Ndea Davemport等の国際的アーティストと同じステージを経験すると同時に アメリカ国内では、House ミュージックの聖地シカゴ、G Funk シーンのパワースポットLA/サンディエゴ をはじめフランスやイギリス等のヨーロッパ諸国等 グルーブとファンクネス、唯一無二の雰囲気と開放感のある彼女のスタイルへの招聘のオファーは、後を絶たない。